Ever wondered why you are unable to get more things done in a day? Our lack of productivity is not always due to lack of resources or time. Parkinson’s law explains this phenomenon well, ” Work expands to fill the time available for its completion” 

Well try this exercise. Give yourself a non negotiable deadline for the completion of a project e.g. reading an article or book. Try to complete this same or similar task at your convenience.

Notice how it ends up at the bottom of your to do list. Imposed limitations force you to focus your energy and creativity. Deadlines are crucial in the corporate world because it is a known fact that people will generally aim to stretch work over any allocated time. Effective deadlines increase productivity not stress!

Next  time you find yourself dragging your feet and wasting time on trivial things, pause and impose a deadline. In my next post I’ll share 3 tips on how to do more in less time.


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Griselda K Togobo

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  1. Taryna

    Certainly is true. I’ve taken 1 day to complete things that I’ve had months to do! All because of a deadline.

    It’s also useful making milestone deadline to help pace the task completion, rather than do it all last minute like I do!

    Thanks for your great insights. Looking forward to more in the New Year…

    1. Griselda Kumordzie Togobo

      Thank Taryna for your comments. Great tip. Milestone are definitely good for breaking up any task and keeping a good pace. Looking forward to the new year as well. Wishing you great success in 2011.

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