Why Me

Instead of asking “why me”? when bad things happen to you, why don’t you change your perspective and instead ask:

Why am I the one who gets to have and run the business that I have?

Why am I the one who has been given the opportunity to deal with this “interesting” person/challenge/?

Why am I blessed with such a lovely team/family?

Why am I blessed with such wonderful contacts?

Why me?

Why you indeed!

Asking yourself this question on a daily basis will change how you approach most of the challenges you face in your business. Flipping this simple question on its head will ensure that you remain grateful for your lot and never take anything for granted. It’ll also help you to think about what you can do with what you have rather than focus on what is lacking.

The daily challenges we face as business owners gives us every right to moan, complain and wing about a lot of things. Infact, sometimes it feels so damn good to do so, but what would you gain from that? Nothing.

Instead remind yourself daily that you are doing something that a lot of people can only aspire to do and achieve in their lifetime. Many have tried and failed and the fact that you are still standing strong – even if you are only hanging on by the skin of your teeth is nothing short of a miracle. Appreciate it.


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  1. EBENEZER Jackson

    I need business lessons from my teac.
    God bless

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