Time Vs Money

I read an article in the psychologies magazine recently that really got me thinking about the value I place on my time. I’m one of those people that really can’t stand time wasters and I was neurotic about productivity and making the most of every second. This attitude and frustration with people’s lack of respect for other peoples’ time led me to write about my experiences in “Rip Up The To do List”. I thought I had it all figured out when it came to valuing my time but there is more to valuing your time than just getting things done.

You see despite my aim to be extremely productive with my time, I was still doing my own cleaning, getting involved in work that I could easily have delegated to others. The reason being that I really valued my money more than my time and basically preferred to do menial work than to pay someone to do it for me! I thought I was saving money and being frugal but actually I was short changing myself and devaluing my time – time that I could have been spending on work that would make me more money. More money so I could employ people to do the work that:

1. I didn’t enjoy or hated;
2. Low value work that could never get me any closer to achieving my rather ambitions revenue goals; and
3. Create “free -time” and the headspace to be able to have a better balance between work and family life.

It was a vicious cycle but you need to start from somewhere.

So which camp do you fall in? Would you rather do something, no matter how menial to save a £1?

Why not pay someone else more suited to that level of work?

Which is more valuable? Your time or your money?

Griselda K Togobo

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