New Year Goals  As we start a new year, a lot of plans are being written for both personal and business success. Every year, I sit down like many people to reflect on the year and to come up with the goals I want to achieve in the new-year. For a long-time, all my goals were about me. What I wanted and what I thought I needed to make me happy always forgetting that my success as an entrepreneur is not only dependent on what I did but also the impact I made on the clients. The truth is that I would have no business without my clients.

So this year, I have included a goal that is effectively a promise I’m making to my clients.

The goal is my answer to the question: What is going to be my promise to my clients this new year? It’s a very simple question but the answer is not going to be as easy to come up with.

This is not a goal like other goals because it’s a goal that can have a powerful impact on your business growth, your motivation and perseverance during the year.

Three amazing things about this question/goal:

  1. It’s going to help you gain better clarity on your marketing. The – who, the why, the what, making it easier for you to figure out how you are going to run your business to keep this promise.
  2. It helps you to really put your clients first – something most companies say they do but few can demonstrate in practice.
  3. A measurable promise means that you can track how well you’ve served your clients during the year. This will help you to raise your game creating a more happy and loyal client base.

You can do the same. What’s going to be your promise to your clients this New Year? What are you promising the people who need you the most?

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