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What do you do when you have no money, feel stuck and your business just isn’t generating the income you want  – no NEED it to?

This week, I’ve met a few people who have unfortunately found themselves in this situation.  They recognise that they desperately need help but unfortunately don’t feel they can afford the help at the moment. They need help to break the cycle but they can’t afford it.

It’s a typical life challenge.

When things are this bad, you need help. Particularly if you’ve tried your best and things are not changing and have not changed for a long period of time.

Why do you need help?

You need help to change your mindset and your perceptions about business – you may be very frustrated and negative at this point which doesn’t help to move things forward. You might also wrongly believe that everybody is struggling because you are! This affects your ability to approach the right people and to sell your products or services.

You need help to check your commercial proposition and to make sure that you have got a solid foundation to your business. You need help to refocus, to rejig your business model if possible and generally to re-motivate yourself to give it a proper push.

Something needs to change and it can only be you!

I remember when I started my business, I really had no cash to play around with. I had financed the business with a credit card and as we had literally just scrapped some money together to buy a house as well as welcoming our new baby, I really did not have any cash to spare. Zilch.

So what did I do to overcome the challenge of not having any money but needing to generate some very quickly?

I released that I needed help to market and sell myself. I had spent most of my career hiding behind a computer delivering work that others had brought in. I was part of a big global corporate machine so most doors opened with little effort.

That is certainly not the case when you are running your own business.

You can borrow money and through it at the problem or you can get creative! I got creative.

I knew I had no business if I couldn’t bring in the sales so I learnt how to bring in the sales.

This is what I did to get around the cash-flow issue. I borrowed books from the library rather than buy them outright. I spent a lot of time speaking to people offering them advice and support in exchange for services. I got alot out of doing this. I literally traded my time and expertise for what I didn’t have.

And I was committed to learning how to sell. Of course the rejection was painful but I just kept going because I was desperate. Gradually things began to turn around and build up to the point where I was able to take a monthly income from my business.

This experience thought me a lot. As they say starting and running a business is the best course in personal development.

It didn’t happen over night but I got there in the end and if I can then you most certainly can too!

But first you need to identify your main issue (one issue at a time)  don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do too much too quickly. Get creative in getting the help you need to solve that one issue – taking your challenges down one goal at a time.

You can do it, one small goal at a time!

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