{Video} Jamie Edwards On Why Positive Thinking Is A Lie

Jamie Edwards and griselda togobo I heard Jamie Speak at an event and found his presentation very intriguing. For me, it plugged the gap in some of the theories around positive thinking and why some people struggle to get the concept of positive thinking to work for them.

A former international basketball player, Jamie developed peak performance skills to overcome the physical limitations of being 5 foot 6 inches tall playing basketball at both club and international levels*. Jamie Edwards is now the founder of Trained Brain, peak performance coaching practice that trains other coaches on his unique approach to getting people to perform at their peak.  Jamie’s approach to coaching, be it in sport or business, challenges people to think differently. Jamie has worked with a wide array of elite athletes, premiership footballers, wimbledon tennis players, professional golfers and successful entrepreneurs.

In this short 35minutes interview with Jamie Edwards, you’ll learn:
1. Why positive thinking is a lie!
2. The optimum way of thinking that gets  you great results. Its not positive thinking but neither is it negative.
3. A simple but effective strategic for being memorable and leaving a lasting positive impression on people.
4. How to perform at your peak always.
5. Why its important to have honest conversations with ourselves about where we are and why we are where we are.
This stuff is important because it affects your ability to grow your business.  For most entrepreneurs, the business reflects the personal challenges, so to grow, they must first learn to operate at their best. As Jamie says personal transformations certainly come before business transformations. Enjoy and please do leave a comment or share. Thank you!

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