Below is a list of upcoming and past events. Latest events will be advertised, with links to a dedicated events page. To find out about Griselda’s style and speaking topics, visit the main Events page. To check Griselda’s availability to speak at your event, please email:

November 2015
Event: National Women In Business Awards 2015
Date / Time / Venue: 20th November 2015, 11:30– 4pm, Queens Hotel, Leeds
Hosted by: Forward Ladies 

November 2015
Event: Power Shift: Women and Markets. The Oxford Forum for Women in the World Economy, 8 – 10 November 2015
Date / Time / Venue: 8-10th November 2015, 8– 6pm, Said Business School, Oxford University
Hosted by: Oxford Said Business School

November 2015
Event: Global Entrepreneurship Week: Women In Business: What does it take to be your own boss?
Date / Time / Venue 16th November, 10:45am – 12noon, Leeds University
Hosted by: Leeds University

May 2014
Event: Unlocking Potential: Growth Strategies for Female entrepreneurs
Date / Time / Venue: 10th of May 2014, 10am – 5pm, Guardian Office, London
Hosted by: The Guardian

April 2014
Event: Super Growth Conference 2014
Date / Time / Venue: 3rd April 2014, 9am – 5pm, Leeds Club
Hosted by: awovi

March 2014
Event: GO LIVE
Date / Time / Venue: 20th March 2014, 6pm-8:30pm, Bewley Hotel, Leeds
Hosted by: NetworkSHE

Event: Don’t Settle, Change it (you can)
Date / Time / Venue: 27th March 2014, 12noon-2pm, TBC
Hosted by: Forward Ladies Stockport

February 2014
Event: Positive Women’s Day – A day of learning
Date / Time / Venue: 27th February 2014, 9:30-3pm, Handpicked Hall, Leeds
Hosted by: Forward Ladies

Event: Don’t Settle, Change it (you can)
Date / Time / Venue: 4th February 2014, 12noon-2pm, TBC
Hosted by: Ladies Networking Bradford

November 2013
Event: Kick Start Your Business Growth
Date / Time / Venue: 29th November 2013, 12noon-2pm, TBC
Hosted by:

Event: Guest Lecture on Gender and Enterprise
Date / Time / Venue: 18th November 2013, 3:30pm -6pm, University of Leeds
Hosted by: University of Leeds

June 2013
Event: The Girls Mean Business Road Show
Date / Time / Venue: 12th & 13th June 2013, 9am to 4:30pm, Milton Keynes & Manchester
Hosted by: The Girls Mean Business

May 2013
Event: Make That Change 2013
Date / Time / Venue: 23rd May 2013, 9am – 4pm, The Hive
Hosted by:

March 2013
Event: Masterclass: Africa
Date / Time / Venue: 9th March 2013, 10am – 5pm, School of Oriental and African Studies
Hosted by:

February 2013
Event: Ignite your success
Date / Time / Venue: 12th February 2013, 12noon-2pm, B.Hive
Hosted by:

January 2013
Event: People vs Finance: Panel discussion
Date / Time / Venue: 29th January 2013, 18:00 to 19:30pm, Leeds Univ. Business Sch.
Hosted by:

November 2012
Event: Kick Start Growth for 2012 Workshop
Date / Time / Venue: 30th November 2012, 10am-4pm, Old Broadcasting House
Buy tickets here:

Event: Guest Lecture on Gender and Entrepreneurship
Date / Time / Venue: 20th November 2012, 10:00am to 12:00pm, Leeds Univ. Business Sch.
Hosted by: Leeds University Business School

Event: Networking Lunch
Date / Time / Venue: 21st November 2012, 12:00am to 2:00pm, Great Victoria Hotel, Bradford
Hosted by: Forward Ladies

June 2012
Event: Empowering Entrepreneurial Women: How to start and run your own successful business
Date / Time / Venue: 23rd June 2012, 10:30pm – 4:30pm, TBC
Hosted by: Make Every Woman Count

July 2012
Event: Africa-Gives Launch
Date / Time / Venue: 4th July 2012, 9am – 11am, Chatham House
Hosted by:

February 2012
Event: Small business pitfalls and how to avoid them
Date / Time / Venue: 29th February 2012, 11am – 12pm, Parsons Green, London
Hosted by:

March 2012
Event: Positive Women’s Day – Double your business in 90days!
Date / Time: 20th March 2012, 9:15 – 3pm
Venue: Leeds University,
Hosted by: Forward Ladies

April 2012
Event: Double your business in 90days!
Date / Time / Venue: 25th April 2012, 12:30pm, B.Hive, Manchester
Hosted by: B.Hive Live in the Lounge

May 2012
Event: Double your business in 90days!
Date / Time / Venue: 30th May 2012, 11:05 pm, Sheffield
Hosted by: Forward Ladies

June 2011
Event: Two Day Pitching and Business Workshop
Date / Time: Monday 6th and 13th June 2011, 10am – 4pm
Venue: Princess Diana Memorial Trust
To register visit:
Hosted by: African Foundation for Development – AFFORD-UK

July 2011
Event: Making a Difference – Women in Business Conference 2011
Date / Time: 29th July, 12noon – 8pm
Venue: School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
To register visit:
Hosted by: Association of African Owned Enterprises

September 2011
Event: MumpreneurUK Conference
Date / Time: Sunday 25th September 2011, 9.30am – 5.30pm
Venue: Heart of England Conference Centre, Meriden Road, Fillongley, CV7 8DX
Hosted by: Mumpreneur UK 2011 Conference

October 2011
Event: Business growth for creative entrepreneurs
Date / Time / Venue: 1st October 2011, 11am – 12pm, Central London
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November 2011
Event: University of London’s Centre for Excellence in Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference
Date / Time: 17th November 2011, 9am – 5pm
Venue: Honourable Artillery Centre, Morgate London
Hosted by:

Event: Double your business in 90days!
Date / Time: 29th November 2011, 11.05-12.35 am
Venue: The Catalyst Innovation Centre, Heslington, York, North Yorkshire, UK, YO10 5DG
Hosted by: Forward Ladies

December 2011
Event: Mobilising Young African Women in the UK
Date / Time: 3rd December 2011, 2pm-7pm
Venue: The Africa Centre 38 King Street, London WC2E 8JT
Hosted by: FORWARD UK