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Yep. That is it.

The one thing I hear everyone moaning about is time. They are looking for the ever perfect but elusive tool or approach for managing their time better.

“If only I had more time I will be able to do this and that and my business would be where I want it to be.”

“Give me more time and I’ll get more done!”

It’s a myth.  If you had more time, you’d probably just carry on doing a lot of things you are currently doing taking you back to square one. I wrote this blog post some time back about how you don’t really need more time because: Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.

Learn time management tips from busy and successful people.

The busiest people I know still get more done because they have clarity of purpose and are focused on getting the RIGHT things done FIRST. That is why the most successful ones also have gatekeepers to keep the time wasters out.

Your life may not have been significantly transformed from on the time management tips you’ve been applying over the years. Why? Because you have no clarity on is most important.

You don’t need more TIME to grow your business.

You can still manage to improve your results if you have more clarity about your target market and ideal client profile.

Without clarity …

  • …of who you are marketing to
  • Where to find them most effectively
  • The right price to charge
  • How to deliver most what you do most effectively
  • How to operate most effectively etc. etc.

All your effort, busyness and running about are at best just a stab in the dark without clarity.

In-fact I’ll go as far as to say no time management tips will save you at this point.

Unfortunately this is not hearsay. I know from personal experience, that time is not always a genuine excuse. As a mum of a very active toddler, I totally understand the time challenge BUT it’s just a challenge, which I dare say can be overcome.

Time is always going to be limiting resource, so to leverage what you have, consider these time management tips that will help you get your business where it needs to be.


  • Blocking off recurring time in your schedule to gain clarity on the above as you plan for growth  (Do this right after reading this)
  • Starting from now, be extra selective of meetings you agree to.
  • Starting from now, commit to start using your phone more and email less
  • Learn to say “NO” more often than you currently do. In fact don’t feel so rejected when people say NO to you either it usually is a blessing in disguise.
  • Consider getting a gatekeeper if you are really struggling to set boundaries.

Timeless time management tips from Steve Covey (RIP). 

Watch Steve Covey’s video on getting FIRST THINGS FIRST. I love this video because in my opinion it is the father of all time management tips.

You don’t need more TIME to grow your business. What you NEED more of is CLARITY! Click here to tweet if you agree.
If not, leave your comment and let me know why :)? I love a bit of banter.


Griselda K Togobo

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