The sky is the limit

The sky is the limit

Happy new year! Its that time of the year again and everybody is beaming with energy and resolve to change their lives and businesses. Most people have a few resolutions each year and so I was totally shocked when a client said he HAD NO GOALS FOR THE YEAR! This is truly rare. How can you achieve your life’s ambitions if you have no goals on a year by year basis.  

I have personally already spent some time writing and developing a 3 year plan for both my family and business. This year I extended my annual goals to cover a 3 year period because I needed to stretch myself abit more as there is only so much that can be achieved in a year. Having a 3 or 5 year plan means that I can get a bit more ambitious and really challenge myself by using this year as phase 1 of a 3 year  business plan. For me, my annual goals are just my way of making progress towards achieving my life goals of having the freedom, choice and ability to support those less fortunate than myself.  

Below are some tips for setting and achieving your goals for 2011 and beyond.  

  1.  Freestyle – There is no hard and fast rule for goal setting. Write your goals in whatever way comes easiest to you. The most important thing is to do it. It can be a futuristic story or plain bullet points. There  really is no right or wrong way to document your goals.
  2. SMART goals – Everybody has heard of SMART goals so I won’t go into much detail here. Just aim for goals that are simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and time limited. I also believe that goals should not be too safe but should rather push us to reach for the sky, so don’t get too hang up making each dream realistic.
  3. Mentor – Are you struggling to gain visibility and understanding in your field of endeavour? Get a mentor who has already travelled your chosen path for invaluable insight and advice. Mentors have extensive information and  contacts, gained from experience that can be immediately accessible to you.
  4. Coach or Accountability Buddy – Accountability will ensure that your goals don’t end up in a cabinet like the majority of plans. Sign up to a professional coach that will provide the much needed energy and motivation to stay focused.
  5. Mindset – Having the right mindset is paramount for success in any endeavour. Rather than focusing on the negatives, choose to focus on the positives and believe thaT every situation can be  win-win depending on your perception.
  6. Read – Read books that will make you a more effective business person. Years of experience can be read in a few hours or days. Reading is still the only way that you can get “direct” contact with people who have been immensely successful. Click here for my list of recommended books.
  7. Checkpoints – Have review check points  every 3 or 6 months to assess progress and refuel for the rest of the year.
  8. Mastermind – Napolean Hill first used the term and defined it as “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people who work toward a definitive purpose in the spirit of harmony”. Seek to actively connect and engage with like minded people to keep you focused 

 I am really excited about this year because it is truly the start of amazing things in my business. Lets make 2011 our most productive year yet!  


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