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It seems like a pretty simple and obvious question but the answer is not very easy to find.

Most people say money is the reason why they want to grow their business. For some people, this is true, money is a big enough motivation whilst for others its not. If you are one of those who won’t do anything for money then its time to really ask yourself what you really want to do. I thought I wanted to grow my business because I wanted to make money. Whilst making a good living is still one of the reasons why I want to grow my business, I’ve since found out that its not my core reason for seeking this path.

As I’ve dug deeper, it’s become apparent that my BIG “why” isn’t really financial. Surprising isn’t it, for someone who talks a lot about watching your profits and cash-flow. Who would have thought? It turns out that I value the freedom of being in control of my own time far more than I value the money. I value the opportunity to transform the lives and business of the people I work with far more than I value the financial gain. If making money is one of the ways that I can keep that freedom and still help others then I’ll certainly pursue it by all ethical means possible.

The money to me has simply become the vehicle that enables me to express that freedom. The more I stay connected to my big “why”, the easier it is for me to get out of bed and out of that door seeking new opportunities – even when I don’t feel like it.

We spend so much time asking “HOW” we can achieve our growth targets when we could get much more out of asking the “WHY” question – why are you doing the things that you are doing?

Knowing my BIG “WHY” has also meant that I only entertain strategies of growing my business that don’t compromise my search for freedom. Anything that robs me of that freedom would make me pretty miserable. So my client profile and the way I deliver my work and build my business has been tailored to help me keep this vision alive.

My need to be free, to come and go as I please really is the driving force behind everything I’m doing.

Forget about society’s expectations. Its its all about you and what’s driving you to achieve what you want to achieve.

Knowing why you are building your business will help you to find reasons to continue pursing opportunities to grow even when its not the easiest thing to do. It makes you persevere.

Whats your reason for growing your business?

Why do you want to grow?

Griselda K Togobo

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