I’m excited that you are interested in my complimentary Kick Start Growth strategy session.

Growing a successful business is an uphill struggle even for the most focused of people. Many of us let our fears, lack of focus and accountability hold us back from moving forward.  

Occasionally, I give away value adding complimentary sessions to people who have shown an interest in my services. This is not a sales call. I’ll take a specific problem and solve it during the call. 

During the free session we’ll work together to

  • Create a crystal clear vision for achieving your business goals
  • Uncover challenges that may be sabotaging the growth of your business, keeping you working too many hours
  • Help you introduce some new thinking and systems that will save you time by working smarter and not harder
  • Give you some practical insights on increasing your income and cash-flow
  • You will leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to turn your business around!

To apply for the complimentary “Kick Start Growth” session with me, spend a few minutes completing the questionnaire below.

What my clients are saying.
” If you think that your business cannot afford to work with Griselda then you need to consider that you cannot afford to work without her. Although my business was growing in the right direction and we all worked hard and with enthusiasm, our finances needed some major TLC. We were all too immersed in fighting to keep our heads above water that we did not have a clear picture of what we needed to do. Griselda came in with a very clear, down to earth and refreshing approach. She set us what seemed where unrealistic and impossible financial goals and we achieved them in a matter of weeks! My mind was overloaded and I was so stressed as I was bogged down with tasks that were preventing me from getting on with running my business. Griselda talked everything through with me and worked out practical solutions to free up my time to do what I love: building my business. Griselda gave us practical tasks to put systems in place to make us a much more slick operation. Griselda taught us to “shoot for the stars”, that nothing is impossible, that you can achieve your hopes and dreams and deliver and excellent service to your customers. Everyone needs a Griselda! She is great fun to work with and will transform your business. If you have the will, you will find the money to invest in Griselda and it will be the best investment you ever make!” – Linda Lewis

To start the process simply fill out the following information and hit SUBMIT and I’ll be in touch with you via email or phone to schedule an appointment.