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Author, speaker and coach Stephanie J Hale helps authors to get their books published. She runs several successful businesses powered by her event driven business growth strategy.

Wouldn’t it be great to have one strategy or trick that you knew with some certainty could guarantee your next sale or cash inflow? This kind of certainty would immediately take out the feast and famine experienced by most small business owners.

As a self employed professional,  coach, author,  other service provider or small business owner, one of the toughest struggles of being in business is attracting and keeping your target audience’s attention. Once you have their attention and permission, then  you know you are a step closer to being able to market effectively to them.

People are busy these days so they are very precious about who they give their time and attention to.

So when you meet someone who is repeatedly able to pull a crowd ( 300 to 3000 people) to her events then you know you need to be listening to them.  

How Stephanie J Hale grew her business

Stephanie J Hale is a writer, author, speaker and coach who helps authors to get their books published. She runs several successful businesses powered by her event driven business growth strategy. I’ve been to two of her events and each time the room has been packed over the course of the 3 days with a diverse range of people.

“The people who attend Stephanie’s events don’t seem to mind being sold to. In fact they come expecting to purchase a high end coaching programme.”

I found the whole experience quite incredible so I just had to interview Stephanie to find out just how she manages to pull that off.

Her story is a truly inspiring one. In this interview, she shares:

  • How using an event driven strategy took her business to new heights
  • Her top 3 tips for growing your business
  • Her biggest mistake and what she learnt from it
  • Why and how she manages to keep a positive outlook on life

I really truly enjoyed interviewing Stephanie and I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did.

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