start now to raise your profileSmile you are being Googled! That is a good reason why you should start now –  to raise your profile online.

I come across a fair number of business owners who believe that simply being good at what they do is enough to bring customers their way.

They repeatedly Google others to get a sense of their credibility, track record and influence however they somehow believe that they are not being googled.

This approach to business is what I call the “Corner Shop” syndrome – the belief that once you open shop and stock it then you just have to wait for traffic to bring people into your business. This approach only works for neighbourhood corner shops so unless you are a neighbourhood corner shop, you need to do more to promote and grow your business!

Setting up shop is only one leg of the journey. You need to work really hard to raise your profile by taking a strategic approach to how you promote and market what you do.


Why is profile raising important?

Lets say, I had the choice of two web designers who have little differentiation in the service they are offering (which is the case with most small businesses). When I google them both, one comes up with lots of useful advice and research on how to develop a website that delivers results. This same web designer had also been profiled on-line and off-line by other credible sources, networks, media etc about web development.

Who would you choose to work with?

Most people I know will go with the one with extensive coverage in other media etc. if they could afford him.

That is the impact you could get if you spent a bit of time and effort to establish good visibility and raise your profile in your industry. This advice cuts across industries! Every business could potentially benefit from this!

There are many many many people offering the same things that you do. One way to differentiate yourself from the crowd (mostly at the bottom of the pyramid) is to work at raising your profile.

There is someone online this very minute looking for someone who offers exactly what you do.

Will they find you or will they find your competitors? Its your choice.

Raising your profile is more that networking and bog standard marketing.

Fortunately for us all, the Internet has levelled the playing ground for entrepreneurs. You don’t have to break the bank to raise your profile especially if you are using an online approach.

As you go about your daily activities just remember that you’ll be googled – particularly before anybody decides to hand you a significant amount of their hard earned money to deliver any goods or services to them.

Smile if you know what you’ve put out there (if any at all!) only enhances your profile and intrigues people so they want to connect and find out more.

If you are not currently happy with what they’ll find and you don’t know what to do then a first simple step would be to get hold of my little book of big ideas.  Its a little book with practical tips on how you can raise your profile whilst still marketing your business.

It is a step-by-step guide on how to raise your profile in any industry without breaking the bank.

The best time to start anything was yesterday but the next best time is to start now!

If you need more hands on help, then you can contact me and lets have a chat to see how I might be able to help.



Griselda K Togobo

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