I have been asked a few times why I blog (blogging is a publishing platform, much like a hard copy dairy or written articles in newspapers or magazines). Each time I’m asked, I start by explaining how blogging is core to my online marketing strategy. Blogging enables me to demonstrate my expertise and knowledge as a small business consultant. I go on to say how blogging encourages people to engage with me and over time I also build up valuable online content that could be recycled into a book.  37signals did this with content from their company blogs (a general company blog and a product blog) which is now the New York best seller, Rework. After saying all this, I’ve noticed that some people are still not convinced that blogging should be part of their business’ marketing strategy.

Why are some many small businesses still resistant to blogging? I think there is an element of fear. Fear of rejection, failure, the unknown and uncertainty of the blogosphere? But do you let this fear stop you? You know the answer to that. Its a big resounding NO!

I agree that personal blogging may not be for everyone. The fear associated with this is still not justified but I understand where it is coming from. I identify with that, my first blog post was a HUGE milestone for me. Some people also feel they have nothing to say and that’s OK. But ALL businesses have something to say right? Your business has sometime to say about your products, services or events. Business blogging is not about you, it is about your business and clients and giving them what they want. Business blogging is a crucial marketing tool in this information age.

Blogs are powerful tools because they are indexed by Google and interconnected with other blogs. They are search engine optimised and the very nature of blog posts mean that they can be regurgitated and accessed over and over again and reused by other bloggers all over the globe.This amplifies their impact over time and enables them to dominate Google searches by ranking higher than your normal business websites for the same keywords. By blogging regularly and consistently you could completely dominate an industry based on the use of specific keywords!

Let me put it this way, if the web where a country, blogging could be your way of exercising your democratic right. Whether you choose to exercise that right or not doesn’t stop others from doing so and selecting a “worldwide web winner” in your industry.

How does this impact your profits? Some small business owners have reported spikes in sales any time a favorable written or video review is posted online.

So lets just dig a bit deeper into our own consumer habits and how the Internet has changed our purchasing habits overtime.

Personally, every purchase I make now is preceded by robust online research not just of the product but also of the reviews that other users have posted. My decision to purchase my Mac, son’s bike or phone was based on twitter and blog reviews and feedback. Can you truly afford not to blog about your products, services or raving testimonials from your customers? People trust the opinions of their friends and colleagues.

The benefits of blogging are demonstrated all over in this post! Links to other business blogs, product reviews and hopefully some demonstration of my expertise! You can’t get away from it. Are you still sitting on the fence about blogging in your business?

Check out these top blogs. They started as small personal blogs but are now businesses worth millions. They started small but found their voice and niche over time. It didn’t happen overnight but this could be you too.




By the way, Rework is a fantastic business book, it brings a different dimension to business management thinking and forces you to look at things different. I highly recommend it.



Griselda K Togobo

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