griselda and shelley hope I met Shelley at Oxford’s Said Business School’s Conference on empowering women (particularly entrepreneurs) to grow business that would contribute to the world economy. The conference was titled Power Shift – Women in the World Economy and Shelley  Hoppe was one of the success stories – a woman who had built a scaleable business within a short period of time.

“Shelly Hoppe grew up in Botswana but attended a series of international boarding schools, including American, German and British. After university, she worked in-house in various marketing, internal and corporate communications roles for several large and well-known corporations, until moving into an agency as a consultant.

When she was approached by a number of former clients asking her to consider setting up her own agency in 2009, Shelley set up Southerly and immediately took part in a pitch process for a large blue chip client. Southerly won their first pitch, and then picked up five other pieces of work in quick succession.

In three years, the company has gone from one member of staff and five freelancers to a permanent staff of twelve and a freelancer pool of approximately twenty-five, and now works with a number of corporate and SME clients.  The company has a women-friendly employment policy and allows its five talented working mums flexi-time and the option to work from home.

The Southerly team uses words, conversation, video and pictures to tell your story. They work online, face to face and in print to create compelling content. But really, the medium by which they tell your story doesn’t matter, it’s how they tell it that makes the difference. See  for more information. [Ref: Said Business School]

In this 38min podcast, you’ll learn: 

  • How to win business with corporate clients
  • Why common sense advice on career progressions isn’t always the best advice for everyone
  • The steps she took to grow her business
  • How Shelley manages to motivate and empower her team to grow her business
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid of pursuing your goals

Shelley’s journey is quiet extraordinary because the opportunity found her and she choose to step up and run with it. She is also incredibly positive and full of energy. You can follow her on twitter:

Enjoy the interview and as always share your insights. Pretty please don’t forget to share it with your colleagues as well if you found it useful. Thank you!



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