AWOVI offers a personalised and flexible service that is committed to giving you the results you need without the complexity and bureaucracy of a larger consulting firm.

Our consulting services are bespoke and ALL about using our knowledge, network and expertise to help you overcome the business challenges you are facing.

We will do ALL that is necessary to overcome your business challenges. Yes, I mean it. We are committed to giving our all to each client because it is in our DNA and that is the only way we can make a significant difference.

It is all about adding value, increasing profits and reducing cost.

Startup Consultancy 

For those starting out in business and the self-employed we offer:

  • advice on the best legal structure for incoporating your business
  • advice on financial systems to support your business activities
  • marketing and business development advice
  • advice on all the legal and statutory obligations of a company director
  • accounting advice
  • business innovation and strategy sessions 

Business Growth Consultancy

For established businesses we offer:

  • Strategic review and advice on how to grow your business very quickly without putting everything at risk. Marketing will increase your sales but without good forward planning it could put your company at risk of over trading (companies go bust because of this!).
  • project management support
  • financial health check
  • audit of your services and financial systems
  • support in developing a strategy for your organisation
  • translating your strategy into operations and daily activities

Business Plan Critique – for ALL businesses 

Did you know that most of the successful businesses that I have visited over the years operate with a plan? In fact every highly successful entrepreneur that I’ve come in contact with has a plan of some sort that keeps them working towards their goals. This is because planning is critical to achieving success in business. Without expert professional advice and support, your plan may be failing to achieve the desired results.

Do you already have a business plan? Then, you and your business will benefit significantly from knowing the gaps in your business plan and what potential investors or the banks look out for.
You can submit your plan via email or post and receive detailed written/oral feedback within 24hours. The information you provide is protected by our privacy policy.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a business plan, get in touch and we’ll discuss your business or idea and how best to support you develop a plan.

Management and Leadership Support 

Effective management could be the deciding factor on whether your new venture is a success or failure. Many entrepreneurs struggle to understand the mechanics of business and fail to turn their ventures into the commercial success that their ideas deserve to be. As a result, 95% of new ventures fail within the first five years and far too many ventures never see the light of day.

How can we help?Whether you are already in business or are about to launch one, we can support you by temporarily providing key management capability in your business.The entrepreneurial journey is lonely and tiring so we’ll stand by your side as an experienced and trusted advisor who is committed to your long term success. We’ll work with you on every area of your business because that is what entrepreneurs do. We can form an executive management function with you which will allow you to focus on what you are best at.

Our approach is simple: We will review your business against competitors, assess the quality of your service and implement the financial controls and systems needed to support an improved business. We will do whatever it takes to improve your bottom line because ultimately that is what counts.

This is a fixed flat rate retainer service, which gives you extra piece of mind.

Get in touch for an informal chat about your business. We will discuss any issues or challenges you may be facing and how best we may be able to help. We offer a FREE initial consultation and will love to hear from you. Call 07903 888 689 or email


Refund Policy – AWOVI is committed to your complete satisfaction with our services. If for any reason you’re not entirely satisfied, a 100% money back guarantee is available for 30 days from the date of purchase. All you have to do is ask and your money will be refunded, no questions asked. Your refund will be issued via the original mode of payment.


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