A different approach to selling without actually SELLING!Do you find the simple idea of selling painful?

You are not alone. I do too. One of the things that bother most business owners is the idea of selling.

The fear of being rejected and being seen as a sales person is so crippling that it stops most people from trying to get their business solutions to the people who need it the most.

Nobody is in business simply because they love the idea of being in business!

We are all in business because we have solutions that people need and the goal is to get paid to provide that solution.

So it should be our mission to get it to them anyway we can – online or offline whatever works best for your type of business.

So what if you stopped trying to sell?

Yep! Stopped it. You just focussed on being of service to the people you come into contact with day in day out.

Will that make things easier for you?

It does for me. And funnily enough the power of reciprocity also has a multiplier effect on what I get out of being of service to people without trying to sell.

Being of service means that you take the focus from you to your prospects and that you focus on value and not just the sale.

In this video, I talk of 2 simple steps that will help you make the transition from selling to serving.

The more you serve, the more you’ll get reward with more business – everybody wins.

This approach can be applied on-line or off-line.

Watch the video, and join the “insider” community for more exclusive tips on how to grow your business from a place of integrity.

What is your experience of selling as a small business owner?

Have you got an approach to selling that is pain-free for you?

Do share your sales experiences below.

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Griselda K Togobo

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