How do you sell more to your current customers?

The strategy of selling more to your existing customers is something that everybody is interested in.

It is one of the ways of  growing any  business without spending a fortune.

So exactly how do you do this?

I’ve watched people approach this strategy from the wrong angle.

The angle of “how can I get more money out of my current clients”.

This approach to selling more to your current customers is trying to push more at them – an approach guaranteed to be an uphill struggle  because people just don’t like getting sold to.

You can only sell more to your customers if you can guarantee better solutions,transformations, results or performance from the extra sell. Can you?

As a mindset tip, your goal when trying to figure out how to sell more to my existing customers is to think about how you can positively impact their lives and businesses so that they naturally want more of you!

What will be your hook for doing this?

Commit to give value that is out of proportion to the price of your products/service. So they expect any upgrades to be the same.  Treat your current customers so well that they will be waiting eagerly for anything else you have to offer.

The focus is not on the one time sell, its about building lasting long term relationships with your clients.

With this approach, you increase the life-time value of each client whilst also generating more word of mouth referrals.

This is how my local gym got my sister to refer the entire family.

She was offered a FREE up-market smoothie maker for introducing her family. She wanted to start drinking smoothies which are known to compliment a healthy lifestyle so it was a no brainer decision to send more referrals to the gym.

I used this same approach to increase sales to a customer by 111% by adding more value to an exsiting service. I did this by identifying a avenue for her to save money that far outweighed the price she will pay me for than enhanced service.

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