Letting Staff Go

Business is one of those ventures that is fraught with risk and mistakes. The mistakes range from minor every day mistakes to seriously big hairy audacious ones that can leave major financial and psychological scars. Yet you can’t avoid them entirely. I’ve made so many mistakes myself. I’ve lost count over the years. My mistakes have ranged from those that are easy to correct and to those that have stayed with me for a long time. Yes – unfortunately some mistakes will be difficult to recover from but that shouldn’t scare you off trying new things.

Most successful people have interesting stories to tell about the mistakes they made over the years.

This may sound morbid but my mother always used to say that people get killed crossing the road everyday but that information should not stop you from using the road whilst going about your business. The risk of being knocked down is part and parcel of the experience of life and you just need to take appropriate care so you are not the next victim. The key is to learn from your own mistakes and other people’s mistakes so you are wiser with your next move.

Ask yourself:

What did I miss this time?

Work hard to put it right but look forward for another day and don’t make the same mistake again.

On a more practical side, build a strong network of supporters, mentors and friends who have had the experience of running their own business and navigating through similar times. Their understanding and advice would be invaluable at this point.

I was at an event with Larry Hirst ex CEO of IBM just last week and one of the things he said was “if you’re not failing then you are setting your goals too low”.

That is the absolute truth. Running your own business is not for the fait hearted but when it works the rewards outweighs any of the pain you have to deal with.

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