Griselda K Togobo GNR raceI started running again! Woohooo!

I was preparing for last year’s London marathon when tragedy struck. My mother was taken ill a few weeks to the marathon and I had to drop everything to go be by her side. This hit my training and I lost the confidence to compete.

I was gutted and ended up not running for a while. To be honest, I just got a bit lazy. The truth is that sometimes its pure laziness that stops us following through on our goals but I’m yet to meet any business owners accepts that they are sometimes lazy (ops :)).

Just last week I started running again and I feel great and in control.

The daily dose of endorphines has given me energy, creativity and determination to improve my fitness and stamina before the marathon in April 14.  I get more ideas when out running than I do when stuck behind the computer. I have to wake up really early to fit in a run but I somehow end up being more productive because I’ve more energy. Running has also been liberating because once again I’m able to enjoy food again without guilt.

Despite these benefits, motivating myself to put on my trainers and go for a run is always a challenge.

I never feel like running yet I always feel wonderful afterwards. One of the mysteries of life!

It’s the same with taking action to grow your business.  You enjoy the emotions of attracting new business and making an impact in your client’s lives but you never really feel like doing the marketing, selling, networking, writing, speaking, etc. etc.  that gets you the results.

Everybody faces these same challenges in one area or the other of their lives when it comes to self-motivation. However, the impact can be particularly costly in our businesses when we fail to motivate ourselves to step out there and do what needs to be done.

The only way I managed to go for a run these past two weeks were:

  1. Make a commitment that affects others – I made a commitment to a charity to raise funds for them. I really want to make a difference so I’ve to raise money to get doctors to some deprived areas of Africa. My conscience won’t allow me to sleep through this commitment!
  2. You need a deadline – There is a deadline! The race is set for April 13th and I need to be at the start line. The race will take place with or without me and I’d rather I was part of it this years finishers list.
  3. I’ll be held accountable – My close friends and family (and now you) know I’ve registered for the race and they keep asking me how it’s going. I don’t want to keep giving excuses so I actually had to start training. It just gets depressing after a while if all you do is give excuses.
  4. Make a financial commitment that affects you – I’ve made a financial commitment to run the race (in order to secure the space) and I don’t like to waste money :).
  5. See it in your minds eye – And of course I keep visualising myself with my husband and son at the finish line thinking just how proud they’ll be.  This really motivates me. I want to feel the same way I felt when I finished the half marathon in the picture above.
  6. Get active  with a scary physical challenge – Inertia creates more inertia whilst movement creates results. Like I said, the endorphines you get from being active make you feel great and this affects your state of mind and approach to work. There is little substitute for being in the right frame of mind and the benefits will seep into your business.

The strategies I employ with my running are the same strategies I apply to get me working hard on my business.

Sometimes you need someone on  your heels to keep you moving forward.

So here are some questions for you today:

What would get you out of that door doing whatever it takes?

Who do you need to make a commitment to – financially or otherwise who will hold you accountable to taking action to grow your business?

Are you working with deadlines?

What will you be missing out on by not taking action today?

Can you visualise yourself achieving the success that you crave?

What strategies are you employing to get you taking BOLD action. Leave a comment, its always great to hear from you.


Griselda K Togobo

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