I was browsing the toy section of my local Mothercare shop hoping to find something to occupy my son with while I develop my blog. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I spotted the fantastic  Jumperoo!  I scanned the multicoloured activity station and hovered around it with excitement.   I was approached by a customer service rep, who went into an enthusiastic sales pitch about the popularity of the Jumperoo and its amazing functions.  It seemed to be the ideal toy to entertain my child.  I saw in my mind’s eye, my son occupied in the Jumperoo next to me whilst I work.

My heart sank when I was told, “I’m so sorry but we are temporary out of stock with a long reservation list”. Although I thought the Jumperoo was a bit pricey, I’d already decided to buy one and I knew I could get it cheaper from an online retailer.

I walked out of that store thinking my son MUST have a Jumperoo.  So to Google I went and within seconds I had found it cheaper in several online stores.  The reviews were so good that I decided to order one the same day despite it being the most expensive toy I had purchased for my son. With a little more internet research I eventually found it at about £20 cheaper from the online shop of a notable high street retailer. I had also earned points worth £8.5 which made me pleased indeed.

Four days later amidst much excitement I received the delivery of the Jumperoo and proceeded to assemble it immediately. I could see my dreams manifest as I constructed the frame.  With a huge smile on my face I placed my son in the Jumperoo and lo and behold, my son was excitedly waving his arms. I thought he is so excited this Jumperoo is going to keep him so entertained, I can finally start blogging.

I sat down and opened my laptop when barely two minutes later my son started to cry!!!  I took him out soothed him and put him back in it but he wasn’t having it.  Every time I put him in the Jumperoo he cried. I was devastated.

I’ve not given up though. I’ll keep trying and hope he falls in love with it.

17th December 2010 – I can now say, Makavo is truly in love with his jumperoo. What a relief!

Griselda K Togobo

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