Griselda K Togobo Training80% of my clients come through my “awovi insider newsletter“  Some people wouldn’t call it a newsletter because its not formatted like a usual newsletter – but it works! I have clear reasons based on research and results why I write my “newsletter” this way.

When I take on a new client, one of the first things we start working on is their communication plan which includes the “newsletter”. If you don’t have one, then I highly recommend that you start one.

Over the years I’ve subscribed to a lot of what I call “no-news” newsletters. Some, I love and look forward to reading, but most just get deleted without even being read.

If I’m deleting your emails, chances are your customers may be doing so as well. But there are some tricks that help and you don’t need to be a professional marketer or copywriter to master these tricks.

If you have a newsletter and want to learn how to leverage it to increase sales then you should register for this FREE webinar.

In this FREE 45 minute webinar, I’ll cover: 
1. Why you NEED to leverage a newsletter to grow your business starting from today!

2. How to win new business with your newsletter

3. How to increase engagement and build relations with subscribers

4. How to save your emails from the DELETE button

Newsletters will help you to sell more, whether you sell low value or really high value, high end products and services. It should be a prominent part of your marketing strategy. The concept is easy to understand but most people don’t execute it properly hence they get little to no results and it becomes another thing on the long to-do list.

Here is where I come in.

I’ve learnt from a lot of research and running tests (with my own newsletter and those of clients) and I’m willing to share some of that learning with you on this complimentary webinar.

Why am I doing this?
People keep asking me to critique their newsletters and I keep seeing the same trends and pitfalls in all of them. I thought I’d  share some of these with you.

This is your chance to watch this webinar for FREE with my compliment!

How to Use Your Newsletter to Attract New Clients and Grow Your Business – Its not by broadcasting and spamming people.

This webinar is for entrepreneurs or small business owners. The information I’ll be sharing will work well for both service and product based business.

If you have a “newsletter” and want to learn how to leverage it to increase sales then you should register for this ZERO-COST webinar.

Watch a recording of this webinar by registering here.

Its free, register now so you don’t miss out.
See you on the webinar,


Griselda K Togobo

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