This week, I’ve been in two different conversations where the other parties have strongly argued that successful entrepreneurs were lucky.

Really, Luck is the reason why people are doing better than you?

I don’t believe that for a second.

I think attributing things to luck absolve you of the responsibility of creating your own success.  I believe you can create your own luck.

Lucky entrepreneurs

The successful entrepreneur in question was Richard Branson. Was he simply lucky?

The argument was that, he is who he is today because he was born in a middle class home.

I’m not going to argue about the circumstance of birth – because nobody has any control over that.  We are born the colour we are to the people we are because it just is. Lets not waste time trying to change things we can’t.

After this, we can do something to improve that situation.

Why am I saying this? You could argue that Richard Branson’s background helped and it probably did but I would argue that he was able to take advantage of the opportunities his background presented thereby creating his own luck.

Reason being, not all people with his background have created what he has.

Even “lucky” people need to do the work to turn the luck into what ever they want.

So instead of moaning that we are not lucky enough, I suggest that we go find the good things we currently have in our lives (the things others will say you’ve been lucky with) and apply our hands to make the most of it – just like Richard Branson did.

For example,

1. I think you can increase your luck if you learn to say YES to more opportunities in your life.  Saying no to challenges, discomfort and opportunities disguised as work will just keep you feeling very unlucky

2. You need to start giving yourself permission to try to new things and to go after your dreams. No body is going to do that for you. You are the only one stopping yourself.

3. You should also watch Derren Brown’s show “The secret of luck on Channel four” I don’t agree with all he does because I’m a Christian who believes in GOD.  Yep! I do BUT I hate to say this – some of his experiments are really good :).


Agree or disagree? Let me hear from you :).

Griselda K Togobo

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  1. James Oliver, Jr.

    This is interesting. I wrote about the same topic here:

    And my buddy wrote a follow up post titled exactly the same as yours, here:

    Please stop by the posts and join the discussion 🙂

    1. Griselda K Togobo

      Thanks James. I’ve checked both posts out. Seems luck is on everybody’s mind at this time of year. I still think its better to feel lucky as it serves you better than considering yourself unlucky as proven by Darren Brown’s research.

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  3. James Oliver, Jr.

    Interesting point. Btw, be sure to check out my latest post on elevator pitches:

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