Lara Morgan and Griselda TogoboI’ve met Lara Morgan twice now. Both times I was incredibly inspired by her energy, zest for life and simply how she was unapologetically herself.

For those who don’t know Lara, she is voted amongst the UK’s 10 Most Powerful Businesswomen. Lara started her first business Pacific Direct aged just 23. Pacific manufactured and sold toiletries and amenities to the luxury hotel market. She sold her majority share 20years later for £20million. She now manages a portfolio of interests – not least her 3 children, Companyshortcuts, Sandpit’s Sodash, Scentered and the Luxury Slipper Company.

In this short 16min interview with Lara Morgan, you’ll learn:
1. Why and how she made 872 calls to make one sale
2. How she found the money to start the business and how she funded her exponential growth
3. How she managed to fit in 3 pregnancies whilst building a business (how she reframed her thinking to make this happen)
4. How to build a strong team (its not always about the money)
5. Why her book is called “More Balls Than Most”. You grab a copy of her book by clicking on the link: More balls than most: Juggle your way to success with proven company shortcuts
I really enjoyed this interview and I hope you do too! You have to watch it to the very end. You’ll see why when you do :).
WARNING: This video is not for the prim and proper but it may save lives!

Griselda K Togobo

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