The DilemmaI watched Vince Vaughn and Kevin James’s new movie, The Dilemma and I have to say I thought it was hilarious. Initially I thought it was going to be a fairly predictable “romcom” but was pleasantly surprised by the storyline and the many dimensions there were to the story. The story is about two best friends who are also business partners in an auto design firm and vying to land their dream design project. These two friends were striving to build their own company after quitting their corporate job. Sounds familiar?

They couldn’t have been better matched because one was a nerdy, introverted design wiz whilst the other was your typical charismatic and confident “ I can wing any situation” guy. In the real world, most small businesses are not fortunate enough to have such a balanced team with equally strong technical and commercial skills.I’m not a film critic so I’m not going to tell you whether you should watch this movie or not, however the thing that stuck with me most about this film was the challenges Vince and Kevin had to overcome in managing their new business venture. I think this story epitomises the journey of most small businesses and the obstacles they have to overcome in order to be a success. I just had to share it with you…

This is the scenario: The two friends had exhausted their credit facilities and remortgaged their houses to finance a business that was on its last leg. They were working around the clock and were stressed about not making enough sales to survive. Eventually through some unconventional networking practice, they get the chance to meet and eventually present a prototype to a prestigious automobile company that could offer them a secured long term contract. The longevity of their business depends on this one contract!

Guess what happens next?Problems begin to crop up!   Kevin James, the design wiz, who is also their unique selling point and their edge over their competitors is unable to stomach the pressure and  threatens to give up on several occasions. Both partners are stressed and this jeopardizes the success of the whole venture.

Despite their personal challenges they somehow managed to stay focused by putting their personal issues aside and focusing on the end result. It was not easy but they were motivated by the financial rewards and the freedom it would afford them in their personal lives. Vince the 40 year old singleton and charismatic sales man was going to marry his long term girlfriend once they won the contract. A lot was riding on this contract!

Like most romantic comedies there is a happy ending but this is mainly due to the tenacity and resilience of the partners and their ability to motivate each other.  These two punch and kick each other along the way but never took their eyes off the reward. This was the only way they could have won the contract.

My message is simply this, having a business is a long hard and lonely road filled with marital, relationship, family, business and even medical challenges. The only way to stay motivated is to keep your eye on the ball and eventually you will also triumph like the many entrepreneurs who have done so before you.

Griselda K Togobo

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