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James Clear is the brains behind  Passive Panda and the founder of the Remora method. He is one of the good guys in the information and internet marketing industry. In this interview he shares some of his strategies on how to make more money with the written word aka blogging and the internet.

If you have a service or information element to your business (consultants, coaches, other professionals) or you sell products and complement your marketing by offering helpful advice to your target audience, then you’ll get a lot of gems from this interview. You’ll learn:

  • the one thing he would do differently if he were to start over again,
  •  the Remora method of forming more partnerships and
  • great productivity tips for getting more done in your business

I really enjoyed interviewing James. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

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Here is what one subscriber Tracey Hopkins (@threesixhr), HR Consultant said about the interviews and particularly why this was her favourite:

I have really enjoyed listening to them – some of them I am already familiar with (such as Ian Brodie) but others I had never heard of before.  I think it has been really interesting how many of them have said similar things – such as tackle your most important job first thing in the morning, and find something and get really good at it.
I have been in HR consulting for several years and have only recently set up my own business. When I started I would never have considered specialising rather than providing a general service but this has been a piece of advice which I have heard over and over again since setting up independently so I am certainly taking it seriously.
I listened to the James Clear interview yesterday and of all of them that may be the one I have actually liked the most.  I particularly liked his idea about a Mastermind group of peers to share ideas with.  I know a couple of other people who are at a similar stage to me with their business and I am going to suggest to them that we do something similar – it reminded me a bit of the mother and baby groups you go to which I always used to find to be a tremendous source of informal advice and support whenever I was tearing my hair out about something I was finding difficult  but I had honestly never considered doing something like that with my business issues -and it’s obvious when you think about it really!
So I hope this feedback has been useful to you – and thanks again for doing such a brilliant series of interviews

Thank YOU Tracey. I really appreciate you taking the time to send me your feedback.

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