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I’ve been spending a lot of time with some pretty inspirational people. Half the time I can’t believe that I actually know these people and that they choose to spend time with me. Lets be honest in a day when everyone is charging to mentor and for their brains to be picked you are lucky to have access to people who have proven time and time again that their ideas are bankable.

So why would they bend their own rules and make time to meet you when they have a million and one things in their dairies that they could be doing? The key thing is relationships. They need to learn to value the relationship they have with you and think that spending time is actually worth their while. They enjoy it or have something to gain from keeping in touch and honouring your invitations.

This doesn’t happen over night but when it starts to happen you’ll actually find yourself in situations when business becomes a pleasure, success seems to come a lot easier before.

You’ll be working with people who respect you and are on the look out for ways to support you. They will introduce you to the right people and basically just want to help you anyway that they can.

That is worth more than you realise. This is where the saying “your network is your net worth” rings true.

Are you investing in your relationships?


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