It is very easy to fall into the trap of viewing social media, as just another tick on the long list of Internet must haves. However, this approach greatly undermines the benefits of using social media to engage with and sell to your target market.

I do not presume to be a social media expert by any stretch of the imagination but I realize the amazing opportunities presented by effective use of social networks and the potential impact it can have on profits. In fact, that is why my marketing strategy is currently focused purely on specific social networks. In the past, I joined new social media networks because everybody else was on it. I have now learnt to be selective about where I promote myself because not all social networks are created equal. My experience is that quality of presence definitely works better than quantity.

A common misconception about social media is that it is free. No, social media is not free! The cost of social media is the opportunity cost of neglecting some other aspect of your business. Harness the Internet using my tips in my post 5 steps to beat the No1 curse of the Internet and use social media as part of a sequence of steps leading on to the fulfillment of your business’ wider agenda and YES, MORE PROFITS. One way that you can generate more profit is to use social media to generate more traffic to specific promotions. You may be thinking, I already knew that or I am already doing this –  but the challenge is; are you currently doing this CONSISTENTLY in your business?

Save yourself time and focus your efforts by answering the following questions next time you want to join another social network:

  1. Is this the right network for my business – will this network enhance my brand,
  2. Are my services or products relevant to this network
  3. What are the demographics of people on this network? Will they be interested in and able to buy my products?
  4. How do I stand out from all the other businesses already pitching their wares on this network?
  5. What reaction and result do I want from this community
  6. Social media is all about giving and sharing so how can I make my business more likeable/shareable/tweetable etc

Social media is all conversation and engagement so don’t be left out.

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