Incorporating my business was my top priority when I started.  I needed to protect my assets and make the business official.In today’s information age, incorporation is really easy. There are companies that can help you register your business within 3 hours without breaking sweat. Registering your business is also quick and affordable! Packages start as low as $49 in the US and £16 in the UK with options for off the shelve registered companies at a  premium fee.

5 easy steps for registering your business:

  1. Check your eligibility to register a company in your country.
  2. Decide on a company name – have a few possible names as you’ll be surprised that your initial suggestions may already be taken.
  3. Decide on the directors and share allocation if there are others involved. Having a company secretary may be optional in your country. Check your local legislation.
  4. Decide on your registered office address. Some companies even offer exclusive addresses for a fee.
  5. Go to any search engine and enter registering or incorporating a company, select a registration agent and follow the instructions. DONE

Alternatively you can source the services of a lawyer or file for the company registration yourself. Using a lawyer is more expensive and doing it your self takes time. Take my advice and delegate this task to an agent, who will file on your behalf. Delegating is the  answer to your time management woes.  Read my post on delegating. It is a quicker and cheaper way to getting the same results. Save yourself some time, stress and hassle.

What is your top priority in your business and what are you doing about it?

Start 2011 the right way!

Griselda K Togobo

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