Don’t be deceived by the grace and elegance of the swan, those legs, hidden from sight are paddling frantically,

I had an interesting conversation with a client recently.  I was encouraging her to include writing as one of the core ways of promoting her business. Developing materials (reports, e-books, articles etc.) that she could give away to prospects helping them solve their common challenges. This will also go a long way in establishing her credibility and demonstrating her expertise. These materials will help her generate more leads for her business.

Interestingly, when she first contacted me, I had coincidentally already written articles answering most of the questions she asked me. I was able to send her relevant links to articles both on my blog and at other websites.

At one point she thought I had written an article about her until I referred her to the date it was written – a year before I had even met her.

Although, she was convinced about adapting writing in her marketing, she thought it was easy for me to do because I had so many articles to choose from. Its not easy at all for anybody.  I’ve been privileged enough to have accessed the back-end of some wonderful businesses, BIG and small and its not easy at ALL for them.

What she had forgotten was that everybody starts with a blank sheet – a URL with no articles.  A business with no clients. The world’s greatest entrepreneurial stories have very similar rugs to riches stories. Its only with discipline and commitment that you create something out of nothing. With my writing, I made a commitment to myself to blog weekly (as a way of practicing my writing) even though I don’t see myself as a writer.

I have seen what writing can do to ones career and I wasn’t about to deny myself that opportunity.

Some days writing comes easier than others but my commitment means that I have to write whether I feel like it or not. It’s hard! I delay sometimes but I make sure to catch up on the writing so that I don’t lose the habit. My focus really is on the habit.

Nobody sees this hard work. It’s a similar approach for most business owners who want to create something lasting out of nothing. They work really hard to keep their business afloat and to the outside world, they seem to be sailing effortlessly like a swan.

However, underneath the graceful body are legs that are paddling like crazy just to keep things looking normal or even graceful.

Any successful business like the swan, has legs paddling like crazy underneath. Don’t be deceived by the grace and beauty you see displayed. There is usually a lot of frantic work going on to pull off that grace.

The work can only be made bearable on the business owner when there are systems in place to:

  • Simplify,
  • Automate,
  • Delegate and even
  • Outsource  ( the things that need to be done).

To be honest, I’m not sure that you can have the grace without the work! You just need to be creative about how the work gets done.

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Griselda K Togobo

by Griselda K Togobo | Follow Her on Twitter Here

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  2. Barbara

    This a very inspiring piece.Thanks for sharing!

    1. Griselda K Togobo

      Thanks Barbara.

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