How to get more referrals

How to get more referrals

Want more referrals?

The beginning of getting more referrals is giving more referrals.

Giving referrals is a powerful strategy for getting more referrals.

Most small business owners will agree that word of mouth referral is a power way of getting more sales and growing ones business. But exactly how do you make it work for YOU?

I also hear a lot of small business owners complaining that they don’t get enough referrals. They are looking for a magic bullet on how to generate more referrals for their businesses

Probe further and ask when last they gave referrals and you’ll receive a guilty smile. Everybody wants more referrals but they are not willing to do anything to kick-start it.

Its incredible how we always manage to overlook the contributions (or non-contributions) that we may be making to the situations we have in our business.


These are 8 great reasons why YOU should start giving more referrals if you are not already doing so.

  1. Referrals don’t just happen
  2. When you give referrals you would have helped someone find a solution to their problem
  3. When you give referrals you would have helped a fellow business owner find a new customer
  4. You ignite the principle of reciprocity so that these two people you’ve just helped also want to help you back
  5. Referrals have a multiplier effect because you have leveraged the opportunity to help two people instead of one
  6. You feel good for being of service
  7. Good referrals build more trust and develop existing relationship
  8. Giving referrals makes it easier to ask for referrals, when you need to.

The only caveat with this approach to generating word of mouth referrals is that you give without expecting anything back. That is the true test.

So let me put some questions to you.

When was the last time you gave a referral?

What approaches have you used to get more referrals?

Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment. Thank you.










Griselda K Togobo

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  2. Patrick Lange

    Great article, so many times when I ask someone about their referral strategy they say, we do a good job and our customers tell others about us. You have helped to get someone proactively thinking about referrals which I feel is the first step. Great job.

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