I’ve been asked this question a few times by people struggling to get clients for their service businesses.

“How do you find clients”, “How do I get more clients”

In my personal experience that are many ways to market your business to attract more clients but when it comes right down to it, some approaches work better for some people than others. You need to pick a few approaches and be CONSISTENT with them.

So how do you get more clients?

Below are some of the ways that I got my most recent 3 clients.

How to get more clients

How to get more clients: #1 Live events

For me, live events have been very effective at generating leads. This is because I get the time to build rapport with the audience and  demonstrate my competency through speaking, training or interviews. These can be self hosted or leveraging other peoples events. There is no other medium that gives you this depth of reach. Of course people will not simply get off their seats to work with you after the event, you need to have a good call to action and follow-up  strategy to make the most of any live event. It is a very effective way of marketing your business. This is also how I landed my very first client.

How to get more clients: #2 Blogging and social media

I just signed up a client who was exposed to my work purely from social media – specifically blogging and tweeter. As much as social media can waste your time (if you let it), social platforms are also a good medium for demonstrating what you do and connecting with like minded people.  Social media enables you to attract people who identify with the content your produce rather than going after people who have no clue about what you do. If you want to get more clients with social media then you have to be consistent with your presence and information sharing. How does it work in practice? Why not follow me on twitter @GKTogobo to find out more :).

I know social media is one area that some entrepreneurs still turn their noses up at, but I’ve got more proof for you right here if you are one of the doubters. I interviewed Lauren Fisher, the co-founder of Simply Zesty an award winning social media agency. Her agency bagged a contract with Vodaphone through their blog. So whether you are targeting large corporates or individuals, social media should have some place in social media.

How to get more clients: #3 Networking

Networking is still a powerful way of building your professional network and get more clients. However networking only works when you follow up with new contacts and commit to investing time in building relationships. Give people value upfront whilst focusing on building trust and likeability factor. Networking can be time consuming but there is nothing quite like face to face contact. So my approach has been to have a regular networking base at Forward Ladies peppered with regular speaking at other networking groups and conferences throughout the year.

How to get more clients: Ground rule

All these ways of getting clients have one thing in common.

Be helpful to people upfront. Give them content and samples of your work they can immediately apply for results. Click on link to tweet :).

This should be the foundation of any entrepreneurs marketing strategy. I also think these approaches work really well for small businesses because they don’t cost that much. Its just sweat equity that needs investing.

Once prospects know that your “claims” are true and they trust that you care about them, then the natural thing would be to put their problems in your hands.

So these are the 3 ways that I signed up my last 3 clients. I love doing all 3 of these activities as they can be leveraged into so much more. Yes it is work because as America’s No 1 sales man Jeffrey Gitomer says “People don’t like to be sold-but they love to buy”.  So there are people out there who want to buy, you just need to find them!

So, this is how to get more clients. How did you land your last client?

If you know anyone struggling to find clients then do them a favour and forward them this article so they know how to get their next client. We’ll both be grateful you did :)!



Griselda K Togobo

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