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When were you last really angry?

So angry, you just told yourself: enough is enough!

Anger is such a powerful emotion. Not always the bad emotion its made out to be if directed positively.

It causes people to really change the world or at the very least their life’s.

Anger is a catalyst that can be directed to create change – particularly in your business and life.

All significant changes in my life, whether relationship breakdown, pursing new business ventures, opportunities or just simply sticking my neck out even though I was afraid had their roots in anger.  I would typically be so angry at a situation that I would promise not to land myself in that situation again.

Change never came when I was scared, fearful, a victim, complacent or just slightly unsatisfied and half-heartedly seeking change.

Change only happened when I got angry at the situation.

Anger causes you to want to change things. NOW.

Not tomorrow, not in a week or years time. You want to change it now.

I’ve been hearing tragic stories from people about the setbacks they are facing in their business. Whether your setback is a financier pulling out, personal challenges such as health, divorce, lose of key staff member or equipment – its impact can be quite devastating.

In addition to curling up in a ball and crying, feeling like a victim (yes do that if you need to), I challenge you to get mad at the situation.

So here are some tips to help you get over the almost certain setbacks that will come any business owners way.

  1. Get angry! Angry enough to want to do WHAT EVER it took to change your dependency on other people, the government etc. This is how I handle my setbacks!  I tell myself, NEVER AGAIN. Unconventional, but it works for me every time. If you are a more conventional person and don’t like the sound of being angry then just skip this point J.
  2. Change your view point and accept that setbacks are part of the journey.  I choose to see them as a necessary part of life and business. Things happen. Sometimes you can control them; sometimes you just can’t so you just handle them as best as you can when the volcano erupts. Ask yourself: What are the lessons to be learnt from this experience? Are there any silver linings in this cloud?  Some challenges can be blessings in disguise.
  3. Take a short, timed break to regain perspective. Its hard dealing with setbacks but the last thing you want to do is give up. Take a break if you need to keep in motion and keep the dream alive. You need to give yourself some timescales for taking the break otherwise you’ll find yourself in hiatus for ever!
  4. Don’t burn your bridges. My mother always told me that you meet the same people on your way up as you do on your way down. Nobody wants to ever move down but you never know what area of life you might need help with. So what ever the set back, don’t burn your bridges. With great relationships and a support network, you can rebuild what ever was lost.
  5. Stay true and act with integrity no matter the challenge. This is difficult but you have to try. I spent the week with the staff of a business who were angry, frustrated and resentful because they were told via letters that they had lost their jobs. The owner, a small business owner was too overcome by emotions to personally tell her staff about the closure.  Despite all these challenges you still have to act with integrity and at least show that you care about the other people affected by your situation and decisions. Business is a chain and there is always someone being affected by your actions.
  6. Seek and accept help. Surround yourself with positive and motivated people who can help get you back on track mentally. Pity parties will not help.
  7. STAY angry enough to find a way out!

How do you cope with your setbacks? I’d love to hear your stories.

– a VERY angry Griselda :). Watch this space!


Griselda K Togobo

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