s a small business owner, one of your greatest challenge will be finding the right platform to exhibit your business! I know because I’ve been there and I still have to work hard to find the right audience for my services! AWOVI is here to support all startups and will be previledged to help you on your journey.

 For your business to be profiled here please ensure that you:

  1. Be unique – we don’t mind if you are doing some thing thats already been done, it is how you choose to do it that matters. Inject your personality into your business.
  2. Subscribe to AWOVI – preference will be given to clients or businesses that are subscribed to our newsletter.
  3. Be brief and to the point – these days everybody is being overloaded with information so the shorter the profile the better for our readers. 
  4. Be ethical –  we support ethical businesses because we want to sleep better at night:-)

We’ll try to accomodate everyone so send your requests in!

Griselda K Togobo

by Griselda K Togobo | Follow Her on Twitter Here

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  1. Drew

    Tree Hugger & son are a local Arboriculture business, we offer a Completly hassle free service, bonded, crb, and hold the Committed to Equality acreditation, after 23 years owning and running 5 leading post offices turning over millions per week I retired to do the carear I love, tree surgery, so you can be guaranteed of excellent customer service with a genuine smile. Look after your trees- give them a Hug. @treehugga LN Drew Patterson web: http://www.tree-hugger.co.UK A Derbyshire Trusted Trader.

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