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I went to a live interview and book signing by Hilary Devey, the award winning entrepreneur and very inspirational founder, Chief Executive and Chairman of The Pall-Ex Group.

This lady seems to be made of steel. She has been through a lot and is still putting in more work in her business than most of us are doing today. Seriously, she recently had stroke but she was there signing her books and inspiring us on a Friday night. She doesn’t need to! She is extremely wealthy but she did because she had given her word to the organisers. I watched as she was supported on and off stage as she could barely stand unaided. She was there doing what she loved and nothing was going to stop her. She showed no signs of slowing down.

I was so inspired by her strength and her life principle that  “when one door closes, another door opens”. I’ve heard this many times but it took on a new meaning coming from someone who could have said her life was jinxed from day one. I bought her book, had a chat and picture taken and spent the weekend getting properly acquainted with the lady through her book Bold As Brass: My Story

Imagine knowing and truly believing that when a client leaves, a project ends, a business has to be shut down, staff or partners abandon you etc. etc. Imagine truly believing that there is another door that has just opened to usher in a new season. What would you be doing today if you truly believed that? If you truly believed that – would you not be back up working hard to make the most of the new door/opportunity that was opening.

With many so-called business gurus falsely telling people that hard work is not a required part of business growth, seeing Hilary just confirms as she said that, “hard work does pay dividend”

Hilary Devey believes that:

“Making my business grow and expand is how I will repay all the hard work and loyalty my staff and customers have shown me and my company” – Hilary Devey

That is why I get out of bed each day to get what I do across to as many people as I can. When our businesses do well and grow we can then share the success with everybody around us. More donations to charity and more support to our friends and families, staff and colleagues who need it the most. Just like Hilary Devey is now doing.

What’s stopping you from investing in your business growth? Leave a comment and let me know.

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