I always wanted to host an event that looked at the entire process of building a business. Most events I’ve been to  focus on small specifics all driven by the new “expert” economy. As a small business owner myself (although I love experts ) I know just how frustrating and expensive it can be when I have to deal with too many experts.

So the idea for a day that gives a holistic view of the process of growing a business was born.

Kick Start Growth – The workshop

I kicked of the day looking at what it took to grow a small business and the opportunities presented by the dreaded “DIP” (when things are not going quite as we anticipated).

Networking with some fabulous people Soila Sindiyo and Mike Horne getting acquainted.

Ian Brodie, the marketing super man 🙂 took the afternoon session and gave a brilliant session on “Authority Marketing. How to craft an origin story and just how to win more work whilst establishing your authority in the field.

A lovely end to a fabulous day!

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There is something really powerful about getting a group of like minded people together in a room. The energy was incredible.

BIG thank you to everybody who made it to the event. It wouldn’t have been the same without you.
Thank you!

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Griselda K Togobo

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