mic Webinars have been a great way of generating leads for my business this year.

So as you can imagine I’m keen on doing more FREE webinars for businesses who are the right fit. Yes – I do offer free webinars :).

Typically a webinar is a win-win situation. We both gain more visibility and generate better qualified leads for our businesses.

I deliver FREE exclusive webinars for business owners looking to deliver value to your mailing list without having to do it all yourself.

1. If you have a mailing list of entrepreneurs (professionals running their own businesses, mumpreneurs, coaches and consultants, creative entrepreneurs etc) or those who want to be like them

2. You understand the value of constantly delivering value to nurture relationships with potential customers with content marketing

3. You want to add more names to your mailing list but don’t want to do it all yourself,

then drop an email to support@awovi.com and we can see if there is a fit for me to deliver a FREE webinar to your mailing list.

If you don’t have a mailing list, which also implies that you don’t send out a regular newsletter, then you need to watch the free 60mins webinar training on How to use a newsletter to win new business. This is also an example of a webinar I could be running for your mailing list 🙂 for FREE.


PS: For those not in the know, a webinar is training delivered virtually via a computer or phone terminal. You can find out about my next webinar by joining my mailing list at http://www.awovi.com/newsletter/

Griselda K Togobo

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