I love google. It is the search engine I use the most because I agree with its co-founder Larry Page that it is the perfect search engine. My love of google led me to research a bit more about this brand (That is what it is effectively. There are other search engines out there that can do the same thing) that has so embedded itself in my psyche. Well, I found more reasons to love Google from its 10 core principles and the special logo it created to commemorate Ghana’s independence day. Click here for more logos! I think that its 10 core principles are so great that every small business should adapt some if not all. I have. Below are Google’s 10 core principles:

  1. Focus on the user and all else will follow – this should be every businesses goal. Give your customers what they want and need and they will keep flocking to you. I don’t expect this to be news to anybody but it is so true. The power of this statement is in its execution. Go on and focus on your users and see if all else won’t follow.
  2. It’s best to do one thing really, really well – As a business you need to focus on your strengths and compete on this one thing that you do really well. That is how to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Trying to compete on all fronts will render your marketing ineffective.
  3. Fast is better than slow – Time is valuable. Serve your customers faster and you will lose them slower if at all! 24 hours is all you’ve got why waste it? Everybody is so rushed and harassed these days that the only way to ease some of their stress is to give them what they what “yesterday”. Do that and you won’t need to compete on price! Customer will still use your products or service even if you charge more than the competition.
  4. Democracy on the web works – Democracy works everywhere, why not ask your customers what they think about you? I do this with each and every clients and that helps to continuously meet their needs as stated in point “1.”
  5. You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer – There really are no excuses for not responding to calls, texts or emails. You don’t need to give excuses, just get on with it and STOP giving excuses. You don’t need to be at your desk to get work done! Excuse your way out of work and your customers and profits will excuse themselves too.
  6. You can make money without doing evil – The world needs no more EVIL. There has been too much terror and evil in recent times. Do good, be rewarded for it and live happily ever after. Oprah is doing it. So can you! It is truly fulfilling when you make money whilst touching people’s lives in a positive way. I cannot describe the joy this has given me.
  7. There’s always more information out there – Invest in yourself and your business by basing your decision on accurate and timely information. Don’t work with outdated data. Get on the web and find fresh insight. Ignorance is not an option in the web 2.0 age!
  8. The need for information crosses all borders – The web has no borders, your business shouldn’t either if you are on the web. Get the information you need from wherever it is and use it. Information has no nationality.
  9. You can be serious without a suit – The suit isn’t doing the work, you are! You don’t have to wear one if you don’t want to. Work has evolved so much that you really can choose the culture and atmosphere you want to prevail at your workplace. What ever works for you works for AWOVI.
  10. Great just isn’t good enough – I end with google’s own quote “We see being great at something as a starting point, not an endpoint. We set ourselves goals we know we can’t reach YET, because we know that by stretching to meet them we can get further than we expected”.

Do you have better principles than Google’s? Get in touch and share them. Exercise your democratic right, start a conversation by leaving a comment. I’ll love  to hear what you think.


Griselda K Togobo

by Griselda K Togobo | Follow Her on Twitter Here

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  1. Bill Moody

    Hi Griselda What a great post! Really love the simple style and the great advice. Really punchy stuff!

    1. Griselda K Togobo

      Thanks Bill. There is a lot we can learn from google.

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