Are you really serious about achieving your business and life goals in the coming year?

As we come to the end of yet another year, I find myself in talks with people who want to transform their businesses and their lives in 2013. They say they are fed up with the status quo and want a different reality in 2013.

They are all fired up about making that change until you ask them to sign on the dotted lines and make a legally binding commitment to themselves and a paid partner that they are going to do all that it takes to turn things around.

Then the tune changes.

They suddenly realise that the current situation isn’t that bad.
They will now implement some of the free information that they have always known (but somehow never acted on).

I feel sorry when I hear people say these things. Such talk is driven by fear and excuses.

I personally am very sceptical. How are things going to change when nothing in the equation has changed. Its still just you isn’t it?

You, alone with your habits,skills, existing limiting beliefs and small thinking paradigm. Trying to change things when you’ve failed to do so in the past.

I’ve said these same things myself in the past. I’ve made all the same excuses myself and I still do sometimes when I’m really scared of change or not honest to myself about wanting change.

But then I remind myself:

I was only able to quit my job and start my business after speaking to a coach and letting go of a couple of £1000s (yep) that was being dangled before my eyes tempting me to go back to work.

I had to pay that price. There is always a price.

The price is not always monetary but you have to do the work to get the rewards.

There are other examples of where I had struggled to change things, but change seemed to happen overnight when I committed my money to getting a solution.

So, if you are really really serious about wanting change in 2013, then here is what you MUST DO to make your dreams come true.

What you need to do to be totally committed to achieving your goals

You must commit your money to enable you make the emotional investment and changes needed to achieve your goals.

The mental scripting that allows us to parade around proudly in ill fitting clothes sometimes making a fool of ourselves, and shoes we can bearly walk in (because we paid sooo much for them) will help us to commit to taking action when we’ve paid sooo much for the support.

The level of investment you make towards your goals is directly linked to your commitment in achieving the goal.

I don’t mean throwing money at problems hoping that they will be solved.
For the record I’m still an accountant at heart and like to account for any money I spend and I hold my clients accountable to money they spend with me too. That is why I offer a refund guarantee with my services.

Find a paid partner whose job it is to MAKE you do what you will most definitely shy away from when the going gets tough in 2013.

If you are really serious about achieving your goals this year, put your money where your mouth is and lets get to work on your business.

For those who struggle for new and better clients, I’d say in 2013, commit to being the client you want to attract. Click here to tweet this quote.

If you are unable to make this shift and commit to achieving your goals, then, you can rest assured that next year is going to be the same if not worse than the last. I’m sorry to be so blunt. Don’t shoot the messenger ;).

I’ll bet my money on it but I’d love for you to prove me wrong though.

There are super humans amongst us who are self driven and don’t need much help. I’m not one of them :(.

For any kind of help/desire for change to work, it needs commitment.  Unfortunately money is the only thing that people are truly committed to.

Are you ready to put your money where your mouth is so you can achieve your goals in 2013?

If you agree, then use the social share buttons and share it with you friends. I’d love to hear of when you made the shift after committing your cash.

Don’t agree with me? What’s your reason? I love a bit of banter ;).


Griselda K Togobo

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