Attention Female Business Owners:

Its time to take control of your finances.

Stressed Businesswoman

Are you working really hard and frustrated by your financial results?

Does your business just feel like an expensive hobby because money is always a struggle?

Do you regularly feel like giving up?

Every stage of business has its own financial challenges.

However, good effective money management means you don’t have to be stressed out and worried all the time about where the cash is going to come from.

You’ve done a great job starting your business and growing it. You’ve spent so much time and energy writing a your business plan (if you have one), creating a website, social media followers, marketing collateral, mailing list, employing people etc.

Yet you are scared and stressed because the cash-flow is just not working like it should. 

Join me for this FREE webinar to find out:

1. The 3 biggest money mistakes female entrepreneurs make with their businesses
2. 3 Essential principles to know exactly how to run your business so cash-flow problems are avoided
3.The number one myth about planning for retirement – you need to make sure that you don’t end up bankrupt or destitute

The webinar is for you if:

Feel you are hopeless with money
Find the subject of finances boring and too complicated to understand
Live in fear of opening the post,
Hide your shopping and receipts
Still shys away pensions
Have no savings and no pension
Feel like you don’t get the big picture
Your personal finances were in a bad state, being overdrawn every month
Stressed and scared about money
Avoid all things financial (personal or business)
Wondering what to do with what you earn

So many women start businesses thinking the money will just materialise and cash-flow will solve its-self once they have everything else sorted.

How is that working out for you?

Join me to find out how to run your business so the cash-flow and money doesn’t cause you to fold – like it does for 95% of businesses each year.


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Join me to find out how to run your business so the cash-flow and money doesn’t cause you to fold – like it does for 95% of businesses each year.

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IMG_8665About Griselda – Your host

Griselda has helped many entrepreneurs to accelerate their business growth, transforming their lives and giving them a fresh perspective on life and business. She had the honor of also being nominated and shortlisted for the Precious Awards Best Mentor in 2012.

Her blog is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs with the tools to create financially sound businesses by applying the right business growth strategies. Through her coaching programs, articles, books, live training events and speaking, Griselda inspires and motivates others to make the changes necessary to achieve their dreams. She is well known for her down to earth but no-excuses approach to life and business. She is a chartered accountant and holds an MPhil in Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management from Wolfson College, Cambridge University.