Newsletter overload

Does the world really need another newsletter? Yours to be exact!

I had an interesting conversation with a lady that got me thinking about the role emails and newsletters play in growing a business.

She did not see the value in offering a newsletter or signing up for yet another newsletter. Her inbox is bursting with emails as it is and she didn’t want to contribute to the chaos.


Does the world really need your newsletter?

Do your customers really need another newsletter in their inbox?

Do they not already have enough information to contend with?

After much consideration I’ve concluded that the world doesn’t need another newsletter or email that is:

Unsolicited i.e. spammy, impersonal, irrelevant and doesn’t add any value to the lives or businesses of the people you are sending it to.

If however you take time to develop an email marketing strategy, communication strategy that puts your customers needs at the heart of emails and newsletters you send out then YES the world needs another of those newsletters. There aren’t enough of the good ones and you can’t have too much of a good thing right? .

I have lost count of the number of newsletters I’m subscribed to. I try to read as many of them as I can and I hardly unsubscribe from any of them because they are mostly full of relevant and insightful information that I find valuable.

A newsletter case study

A client, a presentation coach used no kind of email marketing in her business. Her reasons were that she didn’t want to annoy her clients. Basically she didn’t want to be seen as a nuisance. She was also unsure of the results she would get from regularly emailing her clients and believed writing a newsletter would just create more work for her (She already had more on her plate at the moment). She was also a bit scared of the technology. She thought the technology needed to send out bulk emails was complex and expensive and something that her small business just couldn’t afford at that moment.

So I sat with her, drafted a very short email which I then set her the very simple task to email to her past clients ONLY. These were people she had already worked with who knew her and thought she was great at what she did.

She decided to send the emails from her normal email provider because that was what she was comfortable with and the list was a small list.

It was simply a regular email sent to reconnect with her clients and check how they were getting on. she also included a tip on how they could prepare for their next presentation.

A week later, she sent me a text. “Thank you Griselda, I just got a booking from the email I sent out”

She didn’t try to sell her service but got a sale because her email reminded her clients of just how great she was at what she did and just how she could help them with their next project.

I know of only one other approach that is better than keeping in touch via email or newsletter.

What could be the compound effect of sending out such emails, newsletters regularly to an even larger number of people?

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