noHonestly, you could do with hearing “NO” more often.

Read on to find out why.

The word “NO” has become of the most feared and hated words. Nobody wants to say it and even more people don’t want to hear it!

No is actually a very powerful word. It can be positive, liberating and empowering. It depends on what you choose to make of it.

“NO” saves you time – ensuring that both parties don’t go wasting time doing things that will only cause heartache later on.

A sign of proactivity – As an entrepreneur, business owner or someone in control of their own destiny, hearing “NO” is also a good indicator that you are “asking for the sale” or at the very least you are being more proactive about pursuing opportunities.

“NO” is not always a rejection (mental note to self :)).

It could mean:

1. not right now

2. I don’t trust you well enough yet

3. Conditions are not ideal at the moment

So how do you deal with that intense emotion that you get when you hear a NO?

  1. Accept its really not about you – Yes, you are not the only one with issues. Everybody is dealing with something at one time or the other.
  2. Acknowledge that they JUST may have a point – Sometimes you need work harder to understand where people are coming from and sometimes they do know what is best for them. Even if they don’t, you need to accept that you have to do more work to help them understand the benefits of what you are proposing.
  3. Re-affirm the relationship – Don’t let “NO” come between you and a great relationship. Put the “NO” in perspective and make every attempt to let the person know that it doesn’t change anything.
  4. Continue keeping in touch – Show them by keeping in touch that it doesn’t change anything!

When was the last time you heard a NO?

Go ask for what you really want and stop being so fearful of hearing “NO”.

Griselda K Togobo

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