Danny Iny and awovi I’ve very excited to bring you this very short but packed interview with Danny Iny of Firepole marketing.

Danny Iny has been an entrepreneur for longer than his entire adult life. He quit school when he was fifteen to start his first business, and has been doing it ever since. Along the way he ran the Montreal Marathon and got an MBA. He’s also worked with companies of all sizes, from the very huge (Nokia, Google) to small businesses and entrepreneurs who are just getting started.
These days, he is a prolific blogger and marketing educator here at Firepole Marketing. He’s excited to be the co-author – with Guy Kawasaki, Brian Clark, Mitch Joel, and a lot of other people you’d probably recognize – of a book called Engagement from Scratch! How super-community builders create a loyal audience, and how you can do the same!

If your business don’t have a blog, then you should check out this article first: Should your small business have a blog.

  • Danny discusses the biggest mistake business owners make about marketing
  • How blogging changed his business and how you can leverage blogging to gain new clients and income.
  • How to stop trying to fit things in especially blogging
  • How his approach of being honest and truly transparent in sharing both his successes and failures helped grow his business
  • Danny shares how his compulsive checking and replying to emails, helped him grow his business.
  • How a ~$300k product launch burnt out his team and why he decided to take care of his team and put their well being first at all cost.
  • Danny explains why he chooses to give his book away for free although you can still buy a copy on amazon.

Its short (16mins) , straight to the point with no gimmicks. Just click here to listen and download.

Don’t forget to share your insights or questions in the comments section below. Thanks for listening and sharing.


Griselda K Togobo

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  1. Denise Brooks

    This is a great podcast (like the music at the beginning btw :). Danny is as always to the point and generous with sharing his experiences in business good & bad. The part about not seeing blogging as an extra but an integral part of your whole business strategy is so true. Blogging consistently is a struggle for many of us business owners but it’ll get better as long as we keep on applying ourselves. Dashing off to write a blog…

  2. Griselda K Togobo

    Thanks for commenting Denise. Just having fun with the beats. The intro music is indigenous to my people :). In terms of blogging or the wider context of content marketing, you need to find a medium of marketing that you find relatively easy compared to the others so you can stick to it. There are so many ways of engaging with people these days but you need your core strategy to be one that works for YOU.

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