Claire Mitchell, the girls mean businessClaire Mitchell is the founder of a really interesting and dynamic community of female entrepreneurs called The Girls Mean Business.

The Girls Mean Business is Claire’s 3rd business venture and most successful to date. With this venture, she started by chance with a ready made audience before proceeding to monetize it. With her prior businesses (like most people) she started with the service and then tried to find the market to sell the service to.  The Girls Mean business Club started on Facebook as a supportive community where women business owners could go to share their lessons and challenges. This attracted a lot of women over a short space of time. Claire then proceeded to monetize it by selling them coaching, events and information products. This approach has given her the leverage she needs to now scale it into a sustainable business.

This picture was taken at the  The Girls Mean Business Road Shows where I was one of the speakers and got to engage with Claire’s ladies for the very first time. I was pleasantly surprised by the engagement and positive dynamics of the group.

The great thing about starting with an audience as Claire has done is that you don’t have to go chasing clients (one of the biggest struggles most small businesses face). Your target clients are engaged and simply waiting for the right offering to take the relationship to the next level.

In this 25mins interview you’ll learn:

  • When Facebook works and when it doesn’t for small businesses
  • How to get more engagement on Facebook page or community
  • How to get out of the rut and step things up to the next level with your ideas

The key lesson here is this.

Specific social media platforms only work when you target demographic are actively using it.

Your job is to find the platforms your audience use and  then leverage that platform when promoting your business.There is no point being on Facebook if you target audience don’t use it!.

You can join the The Girls Mean Business Facebook Page at

You can join the conversation on my facebook page here:

Claire has a big event coming up on the 14th September in London. You can find out more here

Picture courtesy of Maia Photography.

Did  you enjoy the interview? Please share your experiences with social media. Is it working for you or not? What are the lessons you’ve learnt from using social media.

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