It’s been an amazing few days. I had my first mastermind group session with 3 lovely business owners and also held  a workshop for Afford UK (an NGO that supports entrepreneurs to sustain and create jobs in Africa).

What the candidates said about the Business Growth Strategies workshop were:

  1. Very knowledgeable (x 7)
  2. Excellent. Very interactive way of teaching with good examples
  3. Excellent presenter
  4. Brilliant I was very impressed with the examples that she gave and the advice she gave
  5. Very hands on and informative used good examples of business success
  6. Friendly
  7. Positive
  8. Good pace and encouragement
  9. Relevant case studies
  10. Very good
  11. Very engaging, fun and patient
  12. Knows her subject matter
  13. Absolutely amazing
  14. Excellent
  15. Very inspiring and down to Earth
  16. Dynamic, friendly, confident and I like the fact she included businesses in Africa
  17. Very warm, accessible
  18. Passionate

Get in touch if you want me to run a similar event for your organisationl.Have a great week and remember imperfect action beats perfect conceptualisation any day! Take the necessary action in your business today!



Griselda K Togobo

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