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Do you believe that money will solve all your marketing challenges?

Most small businesses are of the view that more money would somehow solve all their marketing problems. With extra money, they can afford bigger better and brighter ads and campaigns, buy a big mailing list and just shoot out marketing campaigns none stop and just wait to see the cash rolling in.

I remember speaking to a successful woman who had built a £1m business before losing it all due to family strategy. When I met her, her plan was to resurrect the last plan that helped her scale her business up.

She was going to buy a database of senior executive and send out mailing campaigns inviting them to her events – to be launched all over the country. This was how she built her first business some 10years ago and she believed it would work today. I cautioned her that marketing in today’s world was different and that buying a mailing list was no guarantee of sales.

Well she sent me an email a few weeks later saying how right I was. The campaign was a flop. People took no notice of her or her ads!

The fact is that in today’s information overloaded world of endless promotions, the marketing challenge is an even bigger one than most small businesses realise. Nobody is paying attention because they are too many things screaming for their attention!

In “Permission Marketing” Seth Godin writes:

“The marketing crisis that money won’t solve. You’re are not paying attention. Nobody is!”

We are all inundated with emails, videos, blogs, adverts, invitations, junk mail, social media etc. so much so that people are quite honestly fed up and have stopped paying attention to it all.

Expensive marketing won’t make people pay attention to you. You can catch them unawares the first time but the next time, they’ll be onto you and they will definitely be ignoring you.

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