Yep! That is Zappos’ promise to you. Remarkably unbelievable isn’t it? I was wowed when I saw that.This level of service is all about what the customer wants.

Zappos, has not been successful because they sell shoes (and now other things)! They have been successful because they deliver on their promise of providing the absolute best customer service online. Their ultimate goal is to get customers to associate the brand with the absolute best service. I’m so impressed. No wonder they made $1 billion in gross merchandise sales annually. It doesn’t stop here, they also believe in work-life integration not work life separation, oops balance as we like to call it. They feature consistently in Fortune magazines annual Best Companies to Work For list. The result is that their staff are happy and motivated. This is extremely difficult to achieve whatever size of business you run. In November 2009,, Inc. was acquired by in a deal valued at $1.2 billion on the day of closing. Source:

As small businesses, our differentiation lies in our smallness and service. Large companies can probably match  you on product quality and price but they can’t match the personalised, quirkiness of a small business. What are you doing about this huge advantage?

The aim of this post is to inspire you. Tony  Hsieh, the founder of Zappos is a regular lad who built the company from nothing. This could be you! He did this because he was not affraid to do something different.He went against the tide and did something remarkable. How many companies can match his promise. There are many fashion retailers out there but few if any, have or can consistently deliver an excellent 24/7 customer service, 365 day return policy and free shipping and returns!

And we wonder why others are doing extremely well making billions and we are not! Lets watch and learn.

Zappos is an excellent profit model for SMEs the world over. A good business to model which ever way you look at it. It is also a taster of the sort of serious competition out there.

For me, I pledge to be remarkable every day in my business…..starting now. I will be my straight talking self, offering businesses the best inspiration and advice needed to create the lifestyle they are yearning for. … and I will deliver it always with a SMILE!  Please hold me accountable to this pledge.

Whatever business or industry you are in,you can learn from Zappos.

The challenge and lesson here is to try something new, something different, something remarkable or as Seth Godin puts it, create a Purple cow. This is the differentiator.

My question to you this week is this: What remarkable thing are you doing in your life or business?

Action point for the week: Map out your service  from your first point of contact (be it a receptionist or website) to your last  point (after service care) and figure out how to add value through out your service delivery pipeline. Our consulting arm can help with this.


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