1. Can you help virtually if one is based overseas?

The advancement of the Internet means that, I am able to work with people irrespective of geographic location. I’ve clients in Africa, the Canada and all over the UK.

2. Do you offer payment plans

I’m committed to supporting all types of businesses, including those that are cash-strapped who really need my support. We can discuss payment plans after you’ve decided to work with me :).

3. I’m just starting out and not quite sure I can afford your services.

Well done for taking the leap and getting started on your business. One of the fastest and safest ways to grow your business is to do so with a mentor or coach by your side. I’ve different packages for businesses at different stages of growth and with different budgets – from an online membership programme, to group coaching, events, ebooks and 1-2-1 coaching and private consulting.  Get in touch and lets discuss what you need, then we can recommend the best programme for you.

4. Do you offer discounts

I offer exclusive discounts on most of my services to existing clients and people on my mailing list. I also offer payment incentives to people who commit to working with me for longer periods – say a year or more. This is because the people who work with me for longer periods experiences bigger breakthroughs and results.

5. I don’t have a business yet, can I still work with you

Yes, I work with people in jobs as a mentor. I have helped those who want to exit their jobs by putting a plan in place. They are then able to transition into self employment comfortably and confidently as I did myself.

Some have been able to find love in the process as a very surprising by product of being a happier more fulfilled and confident person. You never know!

6. Do you offer FREE coaching

For coaching to work, it needs commitment and money is the only thing that people are committed to unfortunately.
So to get results, you have to commit with your money and we have different packages to suit different pockets.

7. Do you offer an hourly rate service?

I commit to giving all my 1-2-1 clients 200% of me which is result driven and not based on how many hours we talk or the number of emails I answer. I want to focus on you and your business and not have to watch the clock. With my ongoing programmes, you’ll have full access to me so that I can support you on an ongoing basis to make the necessary shifts and implement the ideas we discuss and that is what you need not an “hours” coaching.