Griselda And Mike Togobo

Griselda and Mike TogoboJuly 10th was my husbands 40th birthday. We decided to take a family trip overseas (that is us in the picture with our son and niece on our way to Niagara Falls in Canada) to get away from the day to day humdrum of family life and really take time to reflect and create some powerful memories for this special occasion. It’s been a wonderfully magical time being together as a family with none of the stresses of the school run, work and other obligations.

The experience made me realize that as a family with two parents who work incredibly hard at our careers and businesses, making the effort to get unplugged and away from daily routine is not a “nice to have” but a necessity for keeping the family happy and together physically, psychologically and emotionally. This invariable will also make you happier at work and therefore more productive. Try it!

Like most people, turning 40 has been a mixed bag of emotions for Mike. Feelings of gratitude for how far he has come tinged with feelings of disappointed about how much further he could have, should have gone, if this and that had happened as planned.

We all tend to be really harsh in our evaluations of ourselves and our achievements in life even though we could have done exceptionally well considering our starting point. We underplay our successes whilst over exaggerating and over emphasizing our supposed shortcomings.

At times like these we need to remind ourselves of just how far we’ve come. Full stop. No buts, could haves or should haves. This is why I was 10 years ago and this is where I am now.

It doesn’t matter what the next person has achieved and seems to be achieving. What matters most is how we feel about ourselves and what we do with the opportunities life has handed us.

When you look back at your life and business in the last 10years, how do you feel about how you’ve dealt with the opportunities that came your way? Give yourself some credit and make the next 10 even more successful.

Oh, remind me to read t his post when I 40 myself!



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