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It’s been one of those busy weeks. Full of meetings, public speaking, finding and pursuing new business and getting on top of a mountain of emails etc etc. I’ve also learnt a lot of things despite the hectic pace, mainly insights from observation and sharing the stage and listening to some pretty successful people.

1. A leader’s mood affects the team much more than you think.

2. A competent ex corporate employee can be so institutionalised that they are rendered incompetent in an SME environment which is typically less structured.

3. You can find clients from anywhere – so find their footfall and position yourself there.

4. Be careful what you agree to when you need or want something. Don’t sell your birth right for a plate of food.

5. Change your team or change them.

6. It’s always best to be honest with your staff especially when they are not doing well. Better to work with them to get better or work with them to find an organisation where they will be a better fit.

7. Keeping your head down and getting your work done won’t always get you the recognition that you need. Speak up.

8. Never lose heart when you try and fail – keep trying.

9. If you see something that needs changing – try to change it with your hands, your words and finally if all else fails, change it in your heart.

10. Every interaction matters. Be nice.

What have you learnt this week (or been reminded of)?

Griselda K Togobo

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